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I am a painter and an illustrator with an interest in modern and conceptual art, sculpture and photography. With the help of this blog, I would like to share my passion with people near and far. I write about my work, the things I see and how I perceive them. Thanks for stopping by.

Data is a backbone to all businesses. Therefore people should be very careful when handling it. One of the things which should be done is keeping the data secure. A lot of business owners do not secure the business data the way it is supposed to be secured. They see that data storage is something which is normal and so...

You have to look for the best platform for access to the SAR and data privacy management in your business. You organization data need to be private and access the SAR with minimal risks for the best performance of the business management services. There are best platforms or software that you can use for SAR and data privacy management services...

Laws that are intended to protect the rights of every consumer are found in almost every country all over the world. Consumer privacy rights are part of the basic rights of a person but just elaborated further. The CCPA is a bill passed in the state of California to further protect the privacy rights of every consumer in the area....

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My name is Anthony Garfield and I'm a painter and art enthusiast.

My first memories of painting come from the age of 6. After finishing Art School I started working on a series of paintings that is now exhibited in the City Gallery.

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